Activities So You Don’t Break Over Break

If your family is anything like mine, then the novelty of Christmas break has worn off and it’s looking a lot more like Lord of the Flies at your house.

It’s also about the time I’ve run out of tricks and am scraping the bottom of the barrel for fun activities to get us through until school opens NEXT Monday.

Until then here are five of our favorite no cost activities to help you survive, and maybe even build some Assets while you do it.


  1. Take a “sled ride” or “float” at the Geotourism Museum. It’s free and my kid loves running around, mashing buttons, and looking at everything. Team it up with checking the mail (and mailing the junk back to yourself), jumping off the stage at the City Center, and wandering around Corner Drug to buy yourself even more time. Listening, following directions, and keeping hands off the bear build Asset #35 Resistance Skills and help kids with Asset #32 Planning and Decision Making.
  2. Visit See N’ Save’s toy department! Other people’s toys are always better than your own, AND your kids can earn a sucker for cleaning up five toys (Asset #9 Service to Others).
  3. Take advantage of any of the trails Teton Valley Trails and Pathways maintains. Up the Asset #17 Creative Activities fun by bringing bubbles, water guns with a few drops of food coloring in them to “draw” in the snow, a sled, or some digging toys. Gather up a bunch of clean snow and make some snow cream or make a snowman!
  4. Throw on your snow clothes and head to Pioneer Park for free ice skating, to Targhee for some laps on the magic carpet, or to any one of the local parks. Mastering difficult things helps build Asset #38 Self-Esteem.
  5. Hit up the library! In addition to free Maker Space programming, they also have books, games, and toys sure to keep your kids entertained while you enjoy the quiet. Here’s a list of books to checkout. And the librarians are the best at Asset #3 Other Adult Relationships!


  1. Go tubing at Targhee (or get a Shoshone only pass if it’s in your budget)
  2. Go climbing at the Climbing Gym
  3. Have lunch at the Senior Center
  4. Get ice cream at Corner Drug or the Emporium
  5. Eat at Marigold Cafe, play with the the wooden cactus, and look at the fish (or toy section)
  6. Get a treat at Rise and play one of their games
  7. Go see a movie at Pierre’s
  8. Soak at Green Canyon, Heise, or the pool in Jackson
  9. Head out of town to jump at Gravity Factory in Rexburg
  10. Make one of the crafts from this list

Let us know what your favorite activities are below. And if you do any of the above, take a picture and tag us!

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