But Wait, Why?

Last week we featured Jacob Zarpentine as a Asset Builder of the Month for helping us administer the DAP.

DAP stands for The Developmental Assets Profile. Developed by the Search Institute, it is “a reliable and valid assessment of the strengths, supports, and social and emotional factors that are essential for young people’s success in school and life.”

It’s a ten minute, online survey given to kids in grades in 4th-12th. We administered it to our 7th, 9th, and 11th graders. Based on years of research with millions of young people, the DAP “shows youth perspectives across several contexts of their lives: personal, peers, family, school, and community.”

Read more about the DAP here.

So why do we care about this data?

Because research shows that the more Assets a young person has the better they do in school, at home, and in the community. And the LESS likely they are to engage in high risk behaviors like violence, drug and alcohol use, and sexual activity.

That sounds pretty good to us.

Plus, lecturing kids about “not doing drugs” or “not having sex” usually doesn’t work. Using the Developmental Asset framework means we can talk about 40 other things that will help prevent some of the behaviors we worry about most as parents. And hopefully, with less eye rolls.

Which also sounds pretty good to us.

So what’s up with our kids?

Overall, the results of the DAP show that our families are thriving. We could use a little work at the school and community level though.

Asset wise, our kids are pretty solid in the number of External Assets they have. Internally, they need some support from us.

We’ll be diving deeper into this over the coming months. Specifically focusing on how we, as community members, can help our kids increase their Positive Identity, Commitment to Learning, and Constructive Use of Time.

If you want to learn more about how you, your neighborhood, business, nonprofit, club, organization, etc. can apply this information let us know. We are currently booking community presentations.

If reading along at home is more your style, bookmark us or add us on social media so you can stay up to date on our Asset Building posts.

As always, if you do or see someone building Assets, let us know!

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